Coronavirus: Angela Merkel announces new measures for large cities

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) urges additional measures in large cities to keep the situation under control in view of the steep rise in corona infections. The metropolitan areas show “whether we can keep the pandemic in Germany under control or whether we are losing control,” said Merkel on Friday in Berlin after a video conference with top representatives from the eleven largest cities.

“Now are the days that will decide how Germany will stand in the winter in the pandemic,” said Merkel. The aim must be to keep the numbers in a range in which every infection can be tracked and every contact can be warned. Merkel campaigned for understanding for restrictions such as curfew and alcohol bans, which hit the catering trade hard. The primary goal is not to shut down public life as much as in the spring.

Merkel’s appeal to young people: “Think about what is important to you”

Merkel especially appeals to young people, “who may find it exaggerated how people intervene in going out in the cities.” your grandparents too? Isn’t it also to have good training and work opportunities in the next few years, which depend on a strong economy? ”Merkel warned that it was worth being more patient at the moment and bearing restrictions when partying.

The Chancellor assured: “Everything will come back: partying, going out, having fun without Corona rules.” Merkel added: “Now something else counts: mindfulness and solidarity.” Merkel announced that she wanted to meet again with the round of in two weeks Discuss with mayors and see how the measures work out.

The original decision paper

The Lord Mayor and Merkel agreed on a resolution paper that has received. You can find the original full document here.

The resolutions in detail:

  • At the latest from 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, the Robert Koch Institute sends experts to the city to advise the crisis teams at the request of the city.
  • This also applies to experts in the Bundeswehr.
  • If there are more than 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, there will be new restrictions immediately. This includes an extension of the mask requirement, contact restrictions and, if necessary, curfew hours and alcohol restrictions for restaurants as well as restrictions on participants for events and private celebrations.
  • If the health authorities are overwhelmed with the tracking of contacts, the federal and state governments should provide personal support.
  • The big cities have to relieve the public order offices so that they can monitor compliance with the rules. The federal and state governments advise on whether the federal and state police forces can also provide support.
  • Protective measures in old people’s and nursing homes, hospitals and facilities for the disabled should be adapted to the number of infections. The federal government ensures that the costs of regular rapid tests of residents, patients, visitors and staff
    be taken over.
  • If the increase in the number of infections is not slowed down by these measures within ten days, further restriction steps are planned to reduce public contacts.

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