Coronavirus breakdown on Mallorca: Far more infections than expected

Beach visitors in Mallorca.

Clara Margais / dpa

Due to an incorrect transmission of corona data from the Balearic Islands to the Spanish Ministry of Health in Madrid, the infection numbers have been reported too low for days, according to a press report.

The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants for the past seven days due to the transmission errors was given as well below 50, although it was actually much higher, as the “Mallorca newspaper” on Saturday citing Eugenia Carandell, director of the Balearic Ministry of Health, reported.

According to the data from the local health authority, there is a number of 120 to 170 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. For the whole of Spain, the value is currently given as around 113.

The Federal Foreign Office warns against traveling to Mallorca because of Corona

The limit of 50 is a decisive criterion for the federal government to classify a region or a country as a risk area or to revoke the assessment again. The Balearic Islands with the popular holiday island of Mallorca have been a risk area since mid-August and the Foreign Office warns against traveling there as well as in the rest of Spain.

The day before, the number of daily new corona infections across Spain had climbed to a new record of 12,183. It was the highest increase within a day since the beginning of the pandemic, wrote the newspaper “El País”. The Ministry of Health in Madrid said there were 4708 positive test results in the past 24 hours and reported cases.


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