Coronavirus: Experts want stricter measures on non-essential travel

Non-essential journeys are no longer possible. The GEMS, the expert group that advises the government on the corona measures to be taken, is absolutely certain of this. The experts want these trips to be discouraged even more and that many more trips be labeled as non-essential.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst already told Friday that a ban on non-essential travel is the only option to keep the various corona variants out of our country. And now the GEMS, the expert group that advises the government on the corona measures to be taken, has officially agreed to this.

Discourage more

The GEMS, like virologist and member Marc Van Ranst, is concerned about the spread of the different variants of the coronavirus. The group is particularly concerned about people who come (back) to Belgium from abroad.

To prevent people from bringing variants of the coronavirus to Belgium, non-essential travel should be discouraged more. The GEMS writes this in an advice for the government. In addition, even more trips should be labeled “non-essential”.

Less spread than in neighboring countries

“We now have one window of opportunitySteven Callens, professor of Infectious Diseases and member of the GEMS, explains to the public broadcaster. “The transmission of the virus is at a lower level than in our neighboring countries. We have to make use of that to ensure that the vaccination runs in the best possible way. ”

“That is why we have formulated a number of recommendations in which those non-essential journeys should be somewhat discouraged. And to better check whether the so-called essential journeys are really essential. Many of those journeys have to disappear. ” The report also wants more agreements at European level.


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