Coronavirus: for the time being we will not be refunded our tickets for travel and concerts

Federal Minister of Economy Nathalie Muylle (CD&V) financially addresses the travel and events sector in the corona crisis. Travel and event organizers will not be required to refund a ticket, but there are nuances.

Normally, consumers in Belgium have the right to cancel their trip and claim compensation in exceptional circumstances. Due to the numerous cancellations since the start of the corona crisis, the costs for the travel sector would be extremely high. That is why Muylle changes the rules.

Travel sector

Travel organizers may offer their customers a cancellation voucher for a later trip worth the same amount as their first booked trip after cancellation. The voucher for the new trip must be valid for at least one year and must be covered by the travel industry guarantee scheme. VRT reports this, among other things. This new measure must prevent the tour operators from being able to refund tickets.

Events sector

A similar arrangement is made for the events sector. The federal government canceled all cultural, recreational and sports events until April 3. The concert curators, theater companies and other organizers are entitled to temporarily not refund tickets provided that the event is organized at a later date and within a reasonable time.

If this is not possible, the organizers will have more time to refund the tickets. If the ticket holder is unable on the new dates, the ticket still has to be refunded. Muylle emphasizes that these measures are also in the interest of the consumer.


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