Coronavirus: Peru is the country with the highest death rate

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According to official estimates, Peru with around 32 million inhabitants has now lost 30,710 people to the corona virus. A total of 729,619 cases have been reported so far. This combination of numbers makes the South American country a corona hotspot with the highest death rate. That is over 90 deaths per 100,000 residents. Because of the containment measures, the economy has collapsed. The numbers flattened somewhat in August. However, it is not a bright spot.

Too little invested in the health system

Despite massive action against the corona virus since March of this year, the Peruvian government was unable to bring the pandemic under control. This is due to several factors. On the one hand, two out of three Peruvians work in the so-called informal sector – in agriculture, the service industry or trade, which means that they cannot work from home, otherwise they lose their income.

On the other hand, Peru’s health system is more than ailing, reports the daily newspaper “Welt”. According to this, there would be just 100 intensive care beds for the entire population of 32 million at the beginning of the crisis. Germany, however, had made 28,000 beds available to 83 million people. In June Peru increased the number of beds to 1,600 – not nearly enough.

Misleading and missing tests

In addition to the precarious health system, there are also insufficient statistics. As the “Deutsche Welle” reports, even unsuccessful testing could have pushed the corona numbers up. In many deaths, it is not clear whether they died with or from the corona virus. Nevertheless, there were more than 65,000 of the usual deaths in the first five months of the pandemic compared to the previous year. 10,000 of the reported cases are said to be suspected cases. 45,000 of the confirmed deaths were therefore not associated with the coronavirus.

It was also hardly possible to track the corona herd, since tests were mainly used that only determine whether a person was infected with the virus, but not whether this person is still infected. In the case of deaths, it cannot be determined whether the cause of death was Covid-19.

There is no miracle cure. Not that various regional politicians have not tried. The governor of the Arequipa region, Elmer Cáceres Llica, at times swore by the consumption of aplaca and llama meat, the malaria drug chloroquine, and announced that he had agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Peru would be the first after Russia to use the controversial corona vaccine Sputnik V would get.

According to Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti, she assumes that the circumstances will not improve in the near future. The “world” reports that it is of the opinion that Peru is in the final stage of the pandemic. “And this stage only ends when we have a vaccine.”


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