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Antigen test as a supplement

In order to prevent a lockdown that would represent an economic catastrophe, a quick test strategy is now needed. The government had to consider with experts which of the antigen tests would deliver the most reliable results possible and then procure them centrally so that there would not be another stain in Austria. Hurry, because other countries also know about the qualitative advances in this test method.

The advantage of the rapid tests is obvious for the SPÖ boss. They also need trained staff, but the results are available within 20 minutes. In contrast, the PCR tests take a lot of time before they are evaluated and clusters can spread. However, Rendi-Wagner does not want to use the antigen tests instead of the PCR tests but in addition to these and the gargle tests.

Bringing the curfew?

The SPÖ chairwoman did not want to commit to bringing the curfew forward, as the federal government of Vienna wants. Rendi-Wagner pointed out that the city government had opted for a different way of guest registration. If the federal government wanted to bring it forward, it could order it.


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