Coronavirus: Two cases also at Viennese elementary schools

To Vorarlberg are also in on Friday Vienna two infections with the Corona virus at Elementary schools known. A teacher or student is infected, a medical spokeswoman confirmed Crisis team APA information appropriate for the city on Friday afternoon. The contact persons were below quarantine posed the School operations continues to run.

Contact tracing and quarantine

In a Elementary school in Floridsdorf a teacher fell ill and tested positive for Covid-19. Via contact tracing, two teacher colleagues were also identified as contact persons, tested and under quarantine posed. The test results are still pending.

In the Elementary school a student in Wieden is affected. This was reported only on Friday – so “still very fresh,” said the crisis team spokeswoman. The class of the girl – i.e. the group of pupils with whom she attends the class – and the teacher are tested as contact persons and also under two weeks quarantine posed.

As well in Floridsdorf as well as in Wieden School operations otherwise continue normally. All responsible bodies, such as the directorate of education, but also the parents were informed about the diseases. Loud Crisis team it is currently the only two schools in Vienna with proven coronavirus diseases. “There are currently no other positive cases in schools,” said the spokeswoman.


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