Costs of the allowance affair rise to 5 billion euros

Compensating victims and canceling private debts will cost almost 900 million euros this year. Another 650 million has been set aside for this in 2022.

A separate service has been set up to handle all files of victims: the Implementing Organization for Recovery of Allowances (UHT). Hundreds of people now work there. Personnel costs will rise to almost 300 million euros next year.

Also in the years after 2022, the government expects to spend hundreds of millions of euros a year on the allowance affair. An amount of around 300 million euros has been set aside for this until 2026.

In addition, a considerable amount has been set aside for compensation of people for whom other allowances have been unjustly stopped, such as the rent or health care allowance. According to previous reports from the Tax Authorities, at least 20,000 people would have been duped in this way.

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