Could the world’s fastest electrode be French?

Distinguished as startup of the year 2019 by Ernst & Young for the South-East of France region, Nawa Technologies announces that it has developed an electrode that would endow batteries with much superior properties.

Its exceptional ionic conductivities (5 times higher than conventional electrodes), electrical and thermal (more than 100 times more conductive), the element developed by the young company based in Aix-en-Provence owes them to an architecture in carpet of nanotubes of vertically aligned carbon (VACNT).

Nawa Technologies compares this presentation to “a nanoscale Fakir carpet” in which the current flows with a much greater speed than in the usual electrodes where the mixture of micrometric powders constitutes a veritable slowing maze.

Another interest of the startup’s discovery: its electrode would be universal, which could just as easily be used within current lithium cells (NMC, LFP, LTO, lithium polymer) as with future generations of batteries including materials such as silicon, sodium, sulfur, etc. Also in batteries which, unlike batteries, are not rechargeable.

The real benefits of VACNT electrodes are dependent on the chemistry of the batteries. Nawa Technologies estimates that this particular geometry makes it possible to multiply up to 10 the power of the batteries, up to 5 their lifespan, and up to 3 the autonomy of the electric vehicles that would be equipped with them, thanks to a better energy density. .

That’s not all, since recharging the batteries would only take a few minutes and the price of a pack would be reduced.


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