Countess Eloise about quarreling at home, her examples and type of boys

When asked who her great example are, she responds positively: “My parents. I always say that to my parents, because they are so open-minded. Everyone can always join. And they are that smart too. “

Eloise looks up to her parents very much. “Also how they are together.”

Every house has its cross – and it is no different with the royal family. According to Eloise, there is still a lot of discussion between her parents. “It’s not that they always follow the same nice path.” Still, they can talk about it if something is wrong.

The countess hopes to have such a relationship herself later on. “I want that later too.” At the moment Eloise is single, but she’s ‘having a good time with someone’.

She doesn’t have one type. “I’ve liked people with brown hair, blond hair, poops.” She finds the inner self much more important. “It can really make or break you.” In terms of interior, she has a small list that a boy must meet: he must respect, be kind to others, have humor and he must be able to talk. “They are whole basic things, but looks really don’t matter. “


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