Countries want Corona measures at Christmas and a ban on firecrackers

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On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers of the federal states want to decide which corona measures should apply this winter.

Unlike before, where the Chancellery has made proposals, the federal states have now drawn up a recommendation for a resolution. A corresponding draft by the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Conference, Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD), from 7 p.m. on Saturday, is exclusively available to It is based on demands from the SPD-led federal states and informal talks with almost all of the 16 prime ministers and was sent to all states yesterday evening. In it, the states demand strict rules for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Extension lockdown: The measures taken so far have shown their first effects, according to which exponential growth has been slowed down and the development of the 7-day incidence value is stagnating, the document states. Since the number of infections is still hardly falling and is too high in many places, the all-clear cannot yet be given. With an extension of the previous partial lockdown until December 20, a “significant downward trend and relief for relevant indicators” such as the incidence, the R-value and the intensive care capacities should be achieved. Should this not be successful, the lockdown would be extended by 14 days until the infection rate has decreased significantly. It remains to be seen whether a further extension of the lockdown depends only on the incidence value or also on other pandemic indicators (e.g. R-value).

Contact restrictions: Stricter contact restrictions than before are expected to apply from December 1st. Literally it says in the paper: “Private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances are to be limited to your own household and to another household, but in any case to a maximum of 5 people. Own children up to 14 years are exempt from this. ”

Christmas: For the Christmas holidays, certain exceptions to the contact restrictions should apply. According to the current status, the Christmas holidays should only be spent with the family (including those outside the household), alternatively with people from another household. It is still being discussed whether only five or up to ten people are allowed in meetings with another household. In addition, it is recommended “wherever possible to go into self-quarantine at home for several days if possible” before and after the holidays.

It is also still unclear how long this holiday regulation should apply, whether only from December 21st to 27th or also on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s or the entire days from December 21st to January 3rd. Companies should allow company holidays or home office if possible within this period.

New Year’s Eve: The federal states want to prohibit the sale, purchase and ignition of fireworks at the turn of the year. This should relieve both emergency services such as the police and fire brigade as well as the health system and avoid larger gatherings of people.

In addition to politicians, police unions had recently called for a firecracker ban in this pandemic year.

Extension of November aid: The so-called November aid should be extended. As in November, the companies that are not allowed to open in lockdown until December 20, as well as economic sectors particularly affected by the pandemic, such as the travel industry, the self-employed and the creative industries, are to receive further help. Details are not yet clear.


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