Court ruling against Vodafone: how customers were ripped off

Customers report about a Vodafone service technician with whom they had not made an appointment - but who had a contract in their luggage. Icon image

Customers report about a Vodafone service technician with whom they had not made an appointment – but who had a contract in their luggage. Icon image

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Vodafone customers have repeatedly received reports about contracts that they had never requested. Four proceedings have already been initiated against the telecommunications service provider Vodafone Kabel Deutschland. Now the Munich Regional Court has ruled that the company has acted illegally. The Hamburg Consumer Center (VZHH) had sued on behalf of the consumers.

It all started for a customer with the timely termination of a two-year DSL contract from Vodafone. She asked for the return slip for the return of her router by phone. What she received two days later was a contract for the “Giga TV App”, which Vodafone offers for 9.99 euros per month and which should enable the streaming of series and films on the smartphone and tablet. The alleged start of the contract was the day of the call.

There are fines of up to 250,000 euros

Similar reports are reported by customers where a service technician rang the bell unannounced. Amazed that he wanted to measure the cable socket, they did not let him into the apartment – and received about five minutes later an e-mail about the order placed, including a contract for “Vodafone TV Connect” and “Vodafone GigaTV including HD Premium Cable” for the price of 29.99 euros per month plus a one-time provision fee of 49.99 euros.

“It cannot be the case that consumers repeatedly have to deal with contracts for which there is no basis,” says Julia Rehberg from VZHH. Because, according to information provided by consumer advocates, something similar has also happened with the “Kabel Digital” and “Vodafone TV Connect” products.

At the request of, a spokesman for Vodafone explains that any “misunderstandings and inconsistencies in contracts and ordering processes can be clarified in dialogue with customer service” and: “If sales partners violate the clear Vodafone guidelines and in individual cases submit contracts and trigger product orders We do not want these partners to want, we take rigorous action against these partners – from warnings to the termination of the cooperation. ”Vodafone lost in the four proceedings because statements were against statements and no proof of correctness could be provided: The sales representative says the customer wanted to buy the product while the customer contested it.

If Vodafone violates the prohibition issued by the district court regarding the conclusion of the contract “Vodafone Giga TV App”, the company faces a penalty of up to EUR 250,000.

Update from May 20, 2020: In the course of our research, we received numerous letters from readers. Including an ex-employee in the field and an ex-employee in the call center. They told us about dubious methods in their work at the time. Here you can read how Vodafone employees get contracts

Something similar happened to you with Vodafone Kabel Deutschland or another company? I am happy to write: [email protected] or use this form from the consumer advice center.

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