Courteney Cox (Monica from ‘Friends’) dances again with a turkey on her head

Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in the United States. But in our country we know that holiday mainly from American television series. One of those series is Friends, in which the group celebrated Thanksgiving extensively every year. And one of those episodes is of course extra memorable.

Whoever thinks of Thanksgiving thinks of turkey and who thinks of turkey probably quickly thinks of the Friendsepisode in which Monica dances with a turkey on her head. Actress Courteney Cox has now reenacted that iconic scene one more time.



In the eighth episode of the fifth season of Friends, The One With All The Thanksgivings, Monica (Courteney Cox) shows up with a turkey on her head in an attempt to ask Chandler’s forgiveness after an argument. It will eventually be the first time that Chandler (Matthew Perry) has blessed the words “I love youSpeaks out to Monica. The scene grew into one of the most iconic of ten seasons Friends. And the turkey, decked out in big sunglasses and a fez, became one of the notable side characters.

For Thanksgiving 2020, Courteney Cox, who plays in the Monica series, once again dusted the turkey. 22 years after she danced with a turkey on her head for the first time, she did it again. And she still has the moves.

Lisa Kudrow, who is in Friends played the role of Phoebe, responded to the video with “you did THAT”. And all other Friends fans are thrilled that Courteney has put her head in a giant turkey again.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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