Covid-19: Half of Austria should be vaccinated – at least

118 new deaths

4,377 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours, Minister Anschober reported at the beginning of the press conference.

The second week of November was the one with top values ​​- with over 9,500 new cases of infection. In the past week you were below, so also in the first two days of this week, says Anschober – but he is still far from giving the all-clear. Towards the end of the week you will notice the first effects of the full lockdown, currently the effects of the partial lockdown, which has been in place since the beginning of November.

There have been 118 deaths in the past 24 hours, and a total of 2,577 people have died of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

There was significantly less growth in the floor covering in the intensive care units than before, “but we have to stop the increase so that we do not exceed the capacity limits,” emphasized Anschober.

200 million euros for procurement

Research into a Covid-19 vaccine has been underway worldwide since March, and negotiations on the procurement and distribution of the vaccine have been taking place at EU level since June. Every country has equal rights, emphasizes Anschober, every country receives the vaccine at the same time and under the same conditions. “In Europe nobody is left alone on this issue.”

The EU has set a very high budget: 2.7 billion euros – an investment in health and safety, says Anschober. In Austria a budget of 200 million euros has been set for procurement.

50 percent of Austrians should get vaccinated

When the vaccinations can start depends, of course, on the market approvals – according to Anschober that should be ready for the first or second product by the end of the year. In January, he expects the first vaccinations in Austria.

The goal is then a vaccination rate of 50 percent and more. “The higher the vaccination coverage, the lower the risk should gradually be,” says Anschober, who hopes for a lively participation. The vaccination plan is due to be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. For comparison: only 10 percent of Austrians are vaccinated against flu.

16.5 million doses are to be available for Austria, added Auer, special representative in the Ministry of Health. There could be a million in January and February, and another two by March. In the third quarter, everyone who wants to be vaccinated should be vaccinated, says Auer, who feels responsible for the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Order of the vaccination plan

It starts in old people’s and nursing homes with residents over 65 and employees. High-risk groups with defined previous illnesses as well as nursing and health personnel in hospitals, ordinations, rescue organizations and social services also have the highest priority.

In phase two, the system-relevant professions come up: police officers, teachers, judicial employees, etc.

In phase three you go to the breadth of the population. Vaccination centers are to be set up in the communities.

In phases one and two, the first vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer should be used – this is used in centers. In phase three, the other vaccine from AstraZeneca should also be available, with which one can expand.


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