Covid-19: number of cases rises to more than one million

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The total number of corona infections detected so far in Germany has exceeded the one million mark. The health authorities reported 22,806 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within 24 hours. This increased the number of cases that have become known since the beginning of the pandemic to 1,006,394, as the RKI announced on Friday morning. On Friday a week ago, with 23,648 cases transmitted to the RKI, the highest level of daily new infections was last reached.

The number of deaths related to the virus rose 426 through Friday to a total of 15,586. That is a record since the beginning of the pandemic. On Wednesday, 410 cases were recently recorded, a peak in this area. The RKI estimates that around 696 100 people have now recovered.

On Thursday evening, the data from the University of Johns Hopkins (USA) in Baltimore had already exceeded the million mark for corona infections found in Germany. The researchers’ data are updated regularly and therefore often show a higher level than official figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) or the countries concerned. In some cases, however, the numbers were corrected afterwards.

According to the RKI management report on Thursday evening, the so-called seven-day R-value was 0.90 (previous day: 0.87). This means that 100 infected people infect 90 more people. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If the value is below 1 for a longer period of time, the infection rate subsides.


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