Covid-19: Second oldest person in the world, a 116-year-old nun, recovered

Sister Andrée in Toulon in the south of France on February 9, 2021.

Gerard Julien / AFP via Getty Images

A French nun from the south of France is the second oldest person in the world. She recovered from Covid-19 just a few days before her 117th birthday. Lucile Randon, who goes by the name of Sister Andrée, tested positive for the coronavirus last month. It had broken out in her nursing home near the city of Toulon.

The virus killed ten of the 88 residents. Sister Andrée is blind and has to use a wheelchair. However, her case of Covid-19 was asymptomatic. She told the local media that she “didn’t even know” that she had it, according to the Guardian. Nevertheless, she had to self-isolate in her room, said the spokesman for the Sainte Catherine Labouré retirement home, David Tavella, in an interview with reporters.

As a result, she could not see the other residents or attend mass. Her only complaint, however, has been “loneliness,” the spokesman said. “She didn’t ask me about her health, but about her habits. For example, she wanted to know whether the meal or bed times would change, ”said Tavella. “She herself showed no fear of the disease. However, she was very worried about the other residents. “

On Thursday, February 11th, Sister Andrée wants to celebrate her 117th birthday with a small group of residents. The nun was born on February 11, 1904 and survived both world wars and the Spanish flu. According to the World Supercentenarian Rankings List of the Gerontology Research Group, she is not only the second oldest person in the world, but also the oldest living person in Europe. The oldest person in the world is the Japanese Kane Tanaka, who turned 118 on January 2nd.

When asked last year by a French radio station how she lived for so long, she replied, “I have no idea what the secret is. Only God can answer this question. “

This article was translated from English and edited by Ilona Tomić. You can read the original here.


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