Crash: 3.5 million euros Ferrari crashes into parked scooters

Driver error? A mechanical defect? Whatever the reason: This crash hurts! According to Youtuber GE Supercars, the blue Ferrari LaFerrari is said to be worth almost 3.5 million euros. But even more shocking: a man can just dodge to avoid being caught by the sports car or one of the falling scooters.

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To make matters worse, according to Carscoops, it was not the owner but a valet who was responsible for the Ferrari at the time of the accident. The owner witnesses the crash from across the street and shouts “Are you f**ing stupid?”. However, it is not clear how the accident happened.

A man was able to jump aside in time

Because the driver gets out, lets the engine run and after nine seconds the LaFerrari rolls out of nowhere. Downhill and straight into the two parked scooters. A man standing at the level of the scooters and photographing the Italian V12 sports car was able to back out in time to avoid being caught.

The Ferrari LaFerrari was built between 2013 and 2018 – and only 499 times. The hypercar is Ferrari’s first production car with hybrid drive, the value of which is now significantly higher than the new price.

There was no major damage in this accident. However, scratches can be seen on the carbon front splitter, the front bumper and in the area of ​​the headlight on the driver’s side. Although it doesn’t seem like much, the repairs will still cost several thousand euros.

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