Crash find: who owns this totally destroyed Chevrolet Corvette?

Mysterious discovery of a new Corvette C8

Mysterious find in nowhere: There is a photo of a brand new Corvette C8 on the web, which has been completely destroyed and is unmarked in a field. There is no trace of the driver!

WEuropean fans are on the lookout for the delivery of the new ones Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray still have to be patient, the first shots of crashed copies are already circulating on the net! A particularly curious case is that of a white C8, whose photos were shared on a Corvette fansite in mid-May 2020. You can see the brand new Stingray in unusual terrain – namely in a field, at the edge of a grain field.

The formerly chic super sports car is badly battered: the front completely destroyed, the bonnet gone. The many mud stains on the paint indicate that the Corvette must have slid a few meters through the dirt before it came to a stop in the opposite direction to the street.

Hardly any information about the mysterious crash

The Corvette in the cornfield

Nothing can be seen on the photos of the license plates of the crashed Corvette.

However, there is no reliable information about the accident, neither the course of events nor the exact location of the mysterious crash are known. Not to mention the responsible driver, who apparently quickly got out of the dust after the accident. However, not without carefully blurring the traces, the marks are no longer visible on the photos. The police have also been unable to provide any information about the perpetrator. The investigation is ongoing. It is believed likely that the brand new Corvette had previously been stolen and the thief had lost control of the 495-hp US athlete during the night’s flight. Perhaps the freshly baked Corvette owner was just embarrassed to have launched the brand new C8 so shortly after the purchase. But that’s just speculation – like so much about this strange accident.


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