Crash: Ford GT crashed due to shifting errors

Owning a powerful supercar like the Ford GT, but above all controlling it, is one of the things that many people would be proud of. If the possibilities are only enough to own, but not to master, the 550 hp athlete, then there is quick malice on the net. Like this recent supercar crash, in which the 50-year-old owner from Boca Raton, Florida wrecked his recently auctioned Ford GT.

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The driver was not spared the malice in the network. Comments ranged from “wave from the top: you don’t deserve this car. Better crash the Mazda MX-5, it’s not that expensive and fewer people will hate you” to “you’d better walk,” it said on Facebook .

Skidded when shifting gears

What happened? Several US media quote from the police report that the man skidded in the Sport-Ford around 6 p.m. last Friday and then drove head-on into a palm tree. The circumstances and the hair-raising justification for the crash drive are particularly piquant: the man stated that he could not get along with the manual transmission. He also blamed the old tires and the muddy road. But that’s not all: The driver bought the Ford, which was part of the 2006 Heritage Edition, at a US auction house in April for the equivalent of 669,000 euros.

Ford GT uninsured, driver without a license

The fact that the car, painted in a beautiful orange and light blue Gulf look, was not insured at the time of the accident should have a particularly serious effect. The insurance would probably have been of no use to the owner either, because according to the police, the driver’s license had also been declared temporarily invalid at the time of the accident.
The accident driver told the R&T car portal that he had lost control when shifting up from first gear. At the time of the accident he was traveling at 35 miles/hour (56 km/h). It is difficult to assess whether the information is plausible given the damage to the vehicle. The front of the Ford was destroyed, the hood of the mid-engine sports car arched upwards, the airbags were deployed. It is difficult to estimate the extent of the damage, it should be in the tens of thousands, not to mention the depreciation of the car, of which only 4038 were built. The Ford GT should always be repaired, nobody throws such a car away.

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