Crazy: 417 km/h on the Autobahn in the Bugatti Chiron

Sunday morning, 3:55 a.m. near Wittenberg. Radim Passer is on his way – he wants to go with his 1500 hp strong and almost three million euros expensive Bugatti Chiron the magical 400 km/h mark crack. And even if it sounds crazy: safety has for him top priority!

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A ten-kilometer section of the A2 motorway. Dead straight, three lanes, hardly traffic – this is where the high-speed run is to take place. This part of freeway Speedjunkie Passer is well known for it is not his first record attempt. In addition to the Chiron, the Petrolhead also has the 1001 hp predecessor Bugatti Veyron. The top speed of the Veyron is 407 km/h. And while an estimated 99 percent of all Bugatti owners just know that their car could drive that fast, Passer wanted to push the limits of what is possible – legally and as safely as possible. However, this project turned out to be difficult.

In 2015, Passer managed 402.5 km/h with his Veyron

The first attempt on an early morning in April 2011 failed due to low temperatures, which disrupted the tire pressure sensors. The result: the Veyron’s top speed mode was not released. Just a year later, Passer returned to Wittenberg with his Veyron, but this time a gearbox problem stopped him. However, giving up was out of the question for the Czech! Three years later the third attempt – bingo! in the May 2015 he was able to finally breaking the 400 km/h mark. The meter showed incredible 402.5km/h on. World record at that time for a top speed achieved on public roads. But Passer wanted more!

Chiron checked – Bugatti gives his okay

Than be 2018 Chiron was delivered, Radim Passer knew immediately that he was one with the 1500 hp hyper sports car new top speed run wanted to try. However, it should take another three years until the final implementation. In July 2021 the time has finally come. in the Before the 400 km/h drive, the Chiron is sent to the factory in Molsheim for a complete inspection and Bugatti gives the okay.

In addition to meticulous preparation, the project requires an early start. Sunday morning at 3:55 a.m., Passer sets off with his team and a few friends. The actual high-speed run starts at 4:50 a.m. after the high-speed key of the Chiron has been turned while stationary. The recently uploaded video shows the ride uncut from start to finish.

From 200 to 300 km/h in under ten seconds

After a short left turn, Passer accelerates at 1:13 minutes. The Chiron marches forward at incredible speed. The numbers in the displayed speedometer (plus GPS speed) can hardly keep up. 200-300 km/h in the video almost ten seconds. It is interesting to note that the speedometer reads 315 km/h at a GPS speed of 301 km/h – a slight speedometer deviation is not unusual, but this effect suddenly reverses over the course of the video. First of all, the 8.0-liter W16 with four turbochargers and 1500 hp keeps accelerating the Chiron. At over 340 km/h – regions in which even the most powerful super sports cars are fighting for their top speed km/h by km/h – the speedometer in the Chiron increases in five km/h increments.

“Have a nice day”!

at Tempo 371 level out GPS speed and speedometer speed. Just a few seconds later, the magical 400 km/h barrier falls, but the Chiron just keeps accelerating. At minute 2:34 the Bugatti reaches unbelievable 417 km/h according to GPS, during the Speedometer with 414 km/h displays minimally less. At that moment, the Chiron overtakes a yellow Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S Cabrio that is being driven by an acquaintance of Passer’s. How must it feel when a Bugatti flies past you at 417 km/h? At least Passer announces a nice message, because on the underside of the extendable rear wing, which also acts as an airbrake on the Chiron, it says: “Have a nice day”!

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