Create secret data hiding place with tools

Show me your hard drive and I’ll show you who you are. But who wants that? With these tools, private things remain private.

There are two ways to keep private things private. Either

                                                                                                                    encrypt your files
                                             – and arouse the curiosity of a possible hacker. Or you can just hide the data; according to the motto “What I don’t know doesn’t make me hot”. You can make entire folders in Windows simply invisible by right-clicking, “Properties” and a check mark at “Hidden”. But we strongly advise against that. Because with “Tools, Folder Options, View” everyone can quickly and easily “Show hidden files, folders and drives”. At least everyone with access to your computer – but that’s also necessary to access your files.

It happened particularly quickly to laptop owners: the computer is briefly unattended. A data hiding place not only protects against the curious neighbors in the café or library, but also against an overzealous boss who wants to control you in the office. Or in front of a family member who would spoil the birthday surprise itself. In addition to hiding data, we therefore recommend private surfing mode in the browser. This leaves no traces on the computer. In Google Chrome, for example, you can use the key combination CTRL + Shift + N. Firefox users use a “P” instead of the “N”.

The programs in our gallery help you hide private files – almost all are free. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just desktop shortcuts, a picture folder or the whole hard drive.


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