Crisis in German zoo: “We must feed our animals together in order to survive”

The director of the German Neumünster Zoo is considering feeding her animals together to prevent them from starving. Due to the corona crisis, there is a shortage of money and resources to properly maintain the animals.

The corona crisis affects everything and everyone. The pandemic could also be fatal for the animals. Because of the corona measures, the zoos are missing out on a lot of money. The situation is so serious that Verena Kaspari, the director of the German Neumünster Zoo, is considering feeding the animals together. She tells that to the German television channel Welt.

Animals on a death list

The zoo even compiled a list of animals to be slaughtered to prevent other species from starving. The zoo realizes that this is a very drastic measure but emphasizes that it has few alternatives. Without new income, it is impossible for the zoo to provide the animals with fresh food every day.


Kaspari also fears the worst for the animals that are not on the list. “If we can no longer feed our animals, we are forced to euthanize them.” The animals from the Neumünster Zoo seem doomed to death. It is not possible to transfer them to another zoo. Due to the corona measures, it is not allowed to move the animals to another enclosure.


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