Crisis-proof jobs in 2021: Particularly wanted and good salary

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The corona pandemic has been dominating our lives for months – the negative consequences can be felt in all areas of life. The labor market has not been spared either. In 2020, many employees faced problems such as stagnating salary levels and a lack of opportunities when looking for a new job.

But not all industries are losers in the current situation. According to “”, some professional groups even succeeded in drawing advantages for their industry despite or precisely because of the Corona crisis.

“The past year has shown us that flexibility is definitely a core competence in the labor market for both employees and employers. A degree is not necessarily required in order to pursue future-proof professions. Even with an apprenticeship, employees can take on lucrative and crisis-proof professions ”, says the managing director of, Philip Bierbach.

Corona crisis will also be present and formative on the labor market in 2021 remuneration experts have collected a large amount of data, including search entries from users on, the number of vacancies in selected job exchanges and information from customer and advisory meetings. Based on this, they determined the trend occupations for the year 2021.

Based on a 40-hour working week, the salary information is given as a median gross salary. The median is the mean value in a data set.

The experts come to the conclusion that the corona crisis will also be present and formative on the labor market in 2021. Here you can see which occupational groups will probably be particularly popular in 2021.

Trend jobs 2021: These 8 crisis-proof jobs are particularly in demand this year


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