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Criticism of Carice van Houten’s appearance, but actress strikes back with photo

The 44-year-old Carice van Houten joined on Monday evening Jinek to talk about the new series of Red Light. But viewers apparently don’t pay much attention to the conversation about the already award-winning series. Afterwards, the conversation on social media was mainly about the appearance of the actress. She would have let herself be tinkered with too much.

Viewers were concerned about Carice’s teeth, among other things. She had a few things done about this. Why new teeth? You can all know for yourself. All the women in the world. But you are all going to look alike, ”one viewer tweeted. Carice herself has never made it a secret that she was not satisfied with her teeth and wanted to have something done about it.

Appearance Carice van Houten

But not only the teeth of the 44-year-old actress were the center of criticism. The rest of her appearance was also not approved by twitterers. Viewers suspect that she not only had her teeth rebuilt, but also her face.

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Not everyone agrees with this criticism. For example, someone writes: “What bullshit about the appearance of Carice van Houten. Seriously, what a stunning woman that is. ” She also receives a lot of support from others. “Unbelievable. People should only know ”, Carice responds to all the criticism.

Carice strikes back

Carice doesn’t seem to bother with the criticism too much. She responds to a tweet: “Haha is this the face of someone who has been ‘rebuilt’ ?? Just look at the series and you might be able to ‘judge’ it all. Good day!” Then she sends a nice photo of herself to the nagging twitterer:

“You win today, Carice. Best reaction ”, someone responds to her photo.

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Criticism of Carice van Houten’s appearance after a conversation in Jinek, but the actress strikes back


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