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Criticism of Disney for filming in China with “Uyghur re-education camps” | Entertainment

The credits of the film, which can be seen on Disney + since Friday for a fee of 22 euros, thanks eight government institutions in Xinjiang. It also includes the public security office in the city of Turpan. In that place, China has built a number of what critics call “re-education camps.” There, Uyghurs would be imprisoned without trial.

The Uyghurs, a Muslim minority from that area, are the victims of systematic repression by the Chinese government. For example, there are large-scale internment camps where prisoners perform forced labor. The Chinese government describes the camps as educational centers.

Earlier, protesters in Hong Kong already called for a boycott of the film. This happened after the Chinese-American lead actress Liu Yifei joined the Hong Kong police on social media. In Hong Kong, demonstrations have been going on for months against Beijing’s excessive political influence. Calls for a boycott have also been issued from South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.


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