Criticism of road pricing with one flat rate (whether your car is polluting or electric)

That is what Steven van Eijck, chairman of the Mobility Alliance, says in an interview with RTL Nieuws. The mobility alliance is a broad collaboration of, among others, the NS, the BOVAG, the ANWB, Schiphol, the RAI Association and the Fietsersbond.

The body has been pushing for the introduction of road pricing for years. This makes road tax ‘much fairer’, explains Van Eijck. It also makes people drive more consciously, he thinks.


Politicians in The Hague have been talking about road pricing for decades, but now that the plans are back in the coalition agreement, it really seems to be getting that far.

If road pricing is introduced, it means that motorists will not pay for the possession, but for the use of their car. Political reporter Roel Schreinemachers explains in this video how road pricing works and why, after years of discussion, it now seems to be happening:

Because the new policy will not take effect until 2030, Van Eijck expects that ‘a lot still needs to be said’ before the Dutch actually start paying per kilometre. However, the Mobility Alliance found one peculiarity in the plans of the cabinet: no distinction is made between environmentally polluting and nature-conscious drivers.

‘Stimulate people’

“Whether you drive a petrol car or an electric car, it does not matter for the rate,” says Van Eijk about the plans. “All studies show that if a difference is made, you get much better behavior.”

People must be encouraged to drive more economically, sustainably and electrically. In this way, the climate objectives agreed in Paris can be achieved much better, the chairman of the alliance believes.


Van Eijck hopes that it is a mistake in the coalition agreement, which will be adjusted later. “You now have to ensure that you make a difference in the rate for people who have a highly polluting car or who have a very clean car.”

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