Criticism of the crisis budget: “Manifesto of broken promises”

The representatives of the opposition received headshakes from the ranks of the government factions for their criticism. In the eyes of ÖVP club chairman August Wöginger, the budget is an effective instrument against the crisis. One can now take countermeasures from the community package to the labor foundation.

“A climate budget”

His green counterpart Sigrid Maurer is also full of praise – and she also expects “green jobs”, as she sees the environment as the big winner of the budget proposal: “This budget is a green budget, it is a climate budget.” There will be so much Money spent on ecological change like never before.

In the climate ministry, Minister Leonore Gewessler (G) is already very satisfied, also because Markus Marterbauer, chief economist of the Chamber of Labor, stated in the Ö1 morning journal that he sees Gewessler as the “big winner of the budget negotiations”. Gewessler himself says that there is “more money than ever before” for climate protection. Green boss Werner Kogler is also almost euphoric, “because the funds that are used to promote or to invest directly or partly indirectly through tax measures are gigantic, they go into an area that would not have been expected” . Because now it is a matter of “making a contribution to investing out of the crisis”.


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