Cross fifth semifinalist in PDC Home Tour

The evening started for Rob Cross against Daniel Larsson. The game against the Swede went on for a long time, because both darters were supreme in their own leg. It was Larsson who seemed to be the first to get a break at 3-3, but thanks to a 107 finish, Cross still managed to keep his leg. It immediately gave wings to the number four of the PDC Order of Merit, because he then smoothly ran out to a 6-3 victory.

In the second game of the evening, Ryan Searle and Luke Woodhouse met. That game showed many comparisons with the battle between Cross and Larsson, although it was now mainly decided because ‘Woody’ missed many arrows for his double and Searle managed to take advantage of it with a 6-4 victory.

Not a new nine-darter

Woodhouse and Larsson then threw each other for the last chance to stay in the tournament. The loser would be eliminated. The Englishman scored much better, but continued to have many problems with the double. It gave Larsson the opportunity to come back from a big deficit in several legs and when the Swede managed to get a decisive leg out of it, he immediately capitalized on that opportunity by making it 6-5. ‘Woody’ made history in the first round by throwing a nine-darter, but was unable to reach that level now.

Game number four went between Cross and Searle, who both had won their first game. “Voltage” flew out of the starting blocks and for a moment Searle seemed to be afraid of being thrown off the board with a whitewash. However, ‘Heavy Metal’ managed to get up and throw itself back into the game by making it 4-3. Doubles to completely tie the score were missed and Cross made good use of that. In the following leg, he was broken again because now he didn’t hit the double, but in the end the 2018 world champion managed to win 6-4.

Six victories for the starting darter

Searle and Larsson both still had a small chance of becoming a group winner. They had to win the duel with big numbers and then hope that Cross crashed against Woodhouse. In the second leg, Larsson followed a painful moment when he flew his first two arrows in the triple 20, but he threw the other two off the board with his third arrow and no score had to shout. Searle then got over it by throwing 180, although the leg eventually went to the Swede. Heavy Metal then accelerated to a 5-2 win. It meant for Larsson that he was eliminated, because he no longer had a chance of winning the group in a 6-5 win. Searle was able to get himself a good starting position, but he suddenly had problems with the double. In the end, he did win 6-4.

Cross then knew he needed three legs against Woodhouse to win the group. The first leg went to ‘Woody’, but Cross quickly managed to take a 3-2 lead and thereby secure himself a place in the semi-finals. The tension then seemed a bit off at ‘Voltage’, because he was getting sloppier and that gave Woodhouse the space to get legs again. Eventually it came to a decisive leg and that went to the number 57 of the PDC Order of Merit. It meant that all six games were won by the darts player who started the pot.

Results Saturday May 29

  • Rob Cross 6-3 Daniel Larsson
  • Ryan Searle 6-4 Luke Woodhouse
  • Daniel Larsson 6-5 Luke Woodhouse
  • Rob Cross 6-4 Ryan Searle
  • Ryan Searle 6-4 Daniel Larsson
  • Luke Woodhouse 6-5 Rob Cross

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