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Crowdfunding for ailing hospitality industry and live entertainment

The concert hall, the dance club, the pub: the catering industry and live entertainment are having a hard time. That is why a major crowdfunding campaign has officially started tonight, where you can help your “local heroes” out of heavy corona weather. Does your cafe or club have to take part in the promotion, by the way.

Many catering and live entertainment clubs are struggling financially due to closure and do not have enough of the released government support to survive. That’s why TicketSwap, Cosimo and GoFundMe are starting a campaign starting today to help them. The #LocalLegends campaign calls on individuals and local companies to donate via a national crowdfunding page to catering establishments and clubs in their area, or to set up a crowdfunding campaign themselves. This makes it the first crowdfunding campaign for the sector to be rolled out throughout Europe after the Netherlands.

Crowdfunding for our club culture

Many catering and live entertainment clubs have been able to organize little or no concerts and meetings since March. This is expected to remain so in the coming winter. With this, the Dutch club culture, which we long for, threatens to disappear. Then there will be little left to crave. To prevent this, GoFundMe, TicketSwap and Cosimo come up with their joint initiative.

Co-initiator Merlijn Poolman, known as the night mayor of Groningen and who started Local Legends in his city: “Because many catering establishments and clubs cannot claim government support, many will fall over and it is very doubtful whether they will survive. Many of these rooms are in prime locations, where they are quickly replaced for apartments once they are gone. This must be avoided at all costs to preserve the unique Dutch club culture. That’s why we started Local Legends. ”

How does it work?

Via GoFundMe, hospitality entrepreneurs, clubs and stages can register and create a crowdfunding page, where anyone who cares about the hospitality industry, club or stage can make a financial contribution. In addition, GoFundMe and TicketSwap provide explanations and make materials available to entrepreneurs and individuals who want to start a crowdfunding campaign for a location in their area. In Groningen, Paradigm and the Kroeg van Klaas, among others, joined the campaign and collected 12,000 euros in donations within 24 hours.

No crowdfunding, big consequences

Chris Carey of TicketSwap: “From March on, clubs will try in all kinds of ways to keep their heads above water. With winter approaching, it is time we all put our shoulders to the wheel to help them by donating to the live entertainment industry and clubs. We are happy to work with the Local Legends campaign to help the locations we like to visit ourselves. It is very nice to see that initiatives are already being set up from all over the country and people donate to keep their favorite club financially afloat. We hope that many more will follow. ”

“Hospitality and clubs are a very important part of our society, on both a national and regional level,” said John Coventry of crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. “They not only contribute to the (regional) economy, but also to bring people together. The loss of these locations will have unimaginable consequences for all of us. That is why we are happy to do our utmost to prevent this and I would like to thank everyone who helps us to keep the hospitality industry and the club sector afloat. ”

World stars support campaign

In addition to the Netherlands, the campaign will start in fourteen European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It is the first time that a joint campaign has been conducted on such a large scale to support the catering industry and clubs. Several international artists express their support for this campaign. Nile Rodgers, known from the band Chic and hits like Get lucky, We are family and Freak: “Local clubs are the foundation of our industry. They are a place for musicians to bring people together, get better and build an audience. It is essential that these clubs are preserved for the next generation of artists. We must all take action now. ”

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