Cruise on the canals in Bruges from Saturday possible again

Bruges has not been entirely Bruges in recent months. Due to the corona crisis, no tourist boats were allowed to sail. But that is changing, albeit gradually. From Saturday there will be one tourist boat per day on the canals.

There are even more restrictions, says Ships of Tourism Philip Pierins (sp.a). “The boats should only be 60 percent full. In a boat that normally can accommodate 40 tourists, there will now be only 25. All passengers must wear a mask and disinfect their hands before and after the cruise.”

The shipping companies do not expect a lot of people because there are few tourists in Bruges. Maurice Michielens, the age blanket of the boats, mainly sees practical problems. “The boat man or woman explains during the cruise. You can hardly do that with a cloth for your mouth. You could place a plexiglass to shield the tourists. But you may not be able to sail under bridges with that. Especially the Walbrug , which is the lowest bridge on the canals, is a problem. And normally we shake hands with some tourists to help them get in and out. Do we have to wear plastic gloves for that? “


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