Cryptocurrency bitcoin is worth over $ 200 billion | Financial

According to the widely used site for determining the market value, the digital coin offers Saturday, after another 4% profit at a price of $ 11,600 each, $ 214 billion to its owners. Bitcoin reached its highest point this year on Friday on Saturday.

Analysts often point to the recent large amount of money that central banks are printing worldwide: it is leading to the depreciation of currency holdings, who are looking for alternatives. Bitcoin’s absolute price record dates from the end of 2017 when the coin was worth almost $ 20,000.

A maximum of 21 million is made of the digital payment method via software. It is the first non-centrally issued digital currency, created ten years ago by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency works differently from a euro without a central bank and has no central manager.

Other currencies are also rising

The number two on the list of the roughly five thousand crypto coins, ethereum, has a market value of $ 32 billion. The Ripple coin is worth over $ 11 billion. Virtually all currencies have experienced strong growth in recent days, as data on the US economy weakened.

The crypto currency is met with great distrust. Russian President Putin signed a law this week banning Russians from 2021 from using bitcoin as a means of payment.

Many investors who own bitcoins are waiting. According to data researcher Glassnode, 63% of bitcoin owners have done nothing with the currency for more than a year.


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