Cullen has reason to cheer and gives Price a check

Three times is no shipping right

Cullen was allowed to start against Keegan Brown. For Brown, it was already his third appearance in this tournament. “The Needle” had to give up earlier due to connection problems and later lost to Jose De Sousa.

Both men were therefore keen to make it to the next round and that was reflected in the match. The first five legs all went with the darts and Brown even threw a 170 finish. In the end it was “The Rockstar” who managed to break and then cashed in on that break: 5-3.

High averages

Not only Cullen wanted revenge, Gerwyn Price was also determined to make it to the next round. On day 2 ‘The Iceman’ failed to win against Luke Woodhouse. The Welsh man was in good shape now as he managed to win his first game against Bradley Brooks. Where he previously threw finishes of 116 and 105 against Brooks, he immediately threw a finish of 100 against Cullen.

The Bradford man was not really impressed. He kept his own leg and then managed to break Price. That break was worth gold, because all subsequent legs went with the darts again. With averages of 103 for Price and 107.6 for Cullen, it was a match to die for.

Doing nothing

After his victory over Price, “The Rockstar” was allowed to return straight away to finish the job against Brooks. However, the 20-year-old Blackburn man seemed to be competing for bacon and beans. After “Bamm Bamm” had previously lost to Price and Brown, he now went down hard against Cullen. In a not too exciting game it was no less than 5-0.

With that, Cullen was through to the next round and the last game was no longer important. Despite that, Brown and Price still managed to make something of it. After a decisive leg, it was Brown who won his second game, finishing third in the world, Gerwyn Price, third in the group.

Last group

In the very last group of the Home Tour, which will be finished tomorrow, the current world champion comes into action. Where Peter Wright could not prevent Jamie Lewis from winning in the first round, he can still reach the next round tomorrow. “Snakebite” must then have to deal with Krzysztof Ratajski and Justin Pipe, among others.


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