Cupra Born (2021) looks sportier and higher quality than the ID.3

Cupra’s third model will be the electric Born

The electric car is the technology brother of the VW ID.3

In E-Boost mode, the top model of the Cupra develops up to 231 hp

Price from 37,220 euros

Price: Cupra Born slightly more expensive than the VW ID.3

With the Cupra Born, the sports offshoot of Seat is sending its first electric car to the start. The similarity to the VW ID.3 is unmistakable, but the Spaniard looks much more extroverted and the interior is of higher quality. The engines also come from Wolfsburg. Thanks to a special overtaking function with a short-term boost, it is still sportier on the road. Market launch for the Cupra Born is supposed to be in September 2021 and now there is also the base price. With 150 kW (204 PS) and 58 kWh battery, the Cupra Born 37,220 euros – but the environmental premium is then deducted from this. For comparison: The Basic version of the VW ID.3 is available from 35,460 euros at the dealers. However, this is the small power level with 107 kW (145 PS). With the performance upgrade to 150 kW (204 PS), the price of the Wolfsburg rises to 36,960 euros with which the Cupra Born just 260 euros more expensive is than his VW brother.

Cupra models with discount at

Technical data: Cupra Born top model with 231 hp

The technology related to the drive testifies to the obstinacy of the Cupra makers. Of course, the Born’s electric machines come from the VW kit. And unlike the sister models, the Spaniard doesn’t even have all-wheel drive. But instead of dealing with the 150 hp or 204 hp and to cut 310 Nm each of the rear machine, they have one for the top model E-boost programmed. As in Formula E, the driver gets a little extra at the push of a button. In the short term the performance increases 231 hp and the sprint is correspondingly better: From zero to 50 km / h are then 2.6 seconds in the data sheet and the Born manages 100 km / h in 6.6 instead of 7.3 seconds. But even without a booster, the Spaniards push the pace. Where VW and Audi on this side of their sport models put an end to at 160 km / h, with Cupra only the base Born is slowed down. All other variants have a run-out up to 180 km / h.

Range: A maximum of 540 kilometers in the Cupra

They supply the electricity Batteries in the floor of the car, the Cupra with 45, 58 or 77 kWh configured net. At the market launch, however, the Cupra Born is only available with a 58 kWh battery (62 kWh gross), the other versions will follow at a later date. Because the large battery is only available for the top version, the strongest Born can travel the farthest with up to 540 WLTP kilometers. For the 58 kWh variant, Cupra offers 424 kilometers and for the entry-level model at least 340 kilometers. Charging is staggered with 50, 100 or 125 kW depending on the battery size, so that in the best case scenario, electricity can flow for 100 kilometers in seven minutes and a 5 percent battery shows 80 percent again after 35 minutes.

Optics: Born is less well-behaved than the group siblings

The Cupra achieves what in the VW Group so far only the more expensive electric cars such as Audi e-tron GT or Porsche Taycan can. Because unlike the brave siblings from Wolfsburg, Mlada Boleslav or Ingolstadt, the Born from Barcelona makes you want to drive off even when it is stationary. Although it retains the basic shape of the ID.3, it looks better. Thanks to the sculpted bonnet, the aggressive light signature and the larger lower air inlet the front appears much sharper. The roof is two fingers lower than that of ID.3 and Co, the rubbers on the up to 20-inch rims are unusually wide for an electric car and the The reverse side is crisp with a continuous strip of lights including a jagged signature and a neat diffuser in the apron. Of course, as always with Cupra, garnished with copper-colored details. In this way, the Spaniards prove that not every car on the MEB platform has to be slippery and totally boring. Only the openwork streamlined decor on the C-pillar is exaggeratedly reminiscent of the Opel Ampera-e or the BMW i3.

The rear looks pretty sporty thanks to the jagged light signature and diffuser in the apron.

Dimensions: wheelbase and trunk as with the ID.3

The Born is slightly longer and flatter than the ID.3, but the wheelbase and trunk are the same. The first Dimensions at a glance:

● Length: 4.32 meters
● Wheelbase: 2.77 meters
● Luggage compartment: 385 liters

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Interior: Cupra Born relies on sustainable materials

AUTO BILD has already tried the seat. If you take a seat in the new Cupra Born for the first time, you can literally feel how the seats are gripping you, how low the sky hangs and how the whole car seems to pull itself together around you. Where other electric cars from the VW Group rely on an airy feeling of space, the Spaniards are taking a different path and thus creating a closer bond between man and machine. And also the high center console between the front seats follows this purpose. Cupra sits on the inside particularly sustainable materialsall of which look more elegant than in the ID.3. For example, the seat covers are made from shredded plastic waste or there is a kind of Alcantara, but no leather.

The color choice in the interior is more classic and sporty than in the electric VW, whose cockpit the Born almost takes over.

The cockpit structure is almost completely the same as the ID fleet

From the driver’s perspective, in addition to the head-up display, which works with augmented reality overlays like the ID.4 or Q4 e-tron, a cockpit that is similar to the VW models catches the eye. Because like the ID fleet, the Born also has the selector lever on the small display behind the steering wheel and here and there there are plenty of sliders and sensor fields instead of conventional switches. The steering wheel also looks suspiciously like VW, but has a special feature: As with the other Cupra models, there are two additional buttons under the two transverse spokes with which you can change the driving mode on the left and activate the e-boost on the right.

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