Cupra Born will probably come with an overtaking function by the end of 2021

With the Cupra Born, the sports offshoot of Seat is sending its first electric car to the start by the end of 2021. Production is scheduled to start in the second half of the year. Of the Compact car shown as a Seat study in 2019 receives the typical Cupra insignia and is covered with copper-colored attachments. On the body shape is the Similarity to VW ID.3 unmistakable, but the Spaniard looks much more extroverted than the e-car from the VW core brand.

Performance: Special overtaking function in the Born

Cupra managing director Wayne Griffiths revealed in an interview with Top Gear that the Born will have a special overtaking function: the electric drive is activated at the push of a button more power for a short time available as regular. In addition, the Cupra should have a newly developed adaptive chassis, which should provide sportier handling than the ID.3. Last but not least, Griffiths announced that the brand would have a even stronger version des Born wants to develop. Up until now it was considered to be certain that Cupra would take over the drives of the ID.3. So first a 150 kW (204 hp) a powerful electric motor provides propulsion on the rear axle and later two weaker drives with 107 kW (145 PS) and 110 kW (150 PS) follow.

Range: Cupra indicates up to 420 kilometers

The sports offshoot from Seat is still quite covered in terms of technical data. What is clear, however, is that Born is ready for series production 420 kilometers according to WLTP should be able to do with one battery charge. Accordingly, the Spaniard will too initially with a 58 kWh battery Tobe offered. As with the ID.3, a smaller version with 45 kWh and a larger version with 77 kWh could be available later. Presumably there will be two charging capacities with which the battery can be charged again. A charger with 100 kW will be standard. It’s supposed to put the battery in Charge a maximum of 45 minutes to around 80 percent can. The top model should even generate 125 kW and send the electrons into the power storage system faster. However, Cupra has not yet given any specific dates.

Interior: E-Cupra with its own interior

The Cupra gets an almost independent interior with decors in the Cupra style, Digital speedometer and light control come from the ID.3. In the Born there is also – unlike the Wolfsburg – a practical center console in which things can be stowed.


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