Cupra Formentor VZ5 in the everyday test

We’re going the long haul. With a 390 hp SUV coupe for big mileage. The goal: 30,000 kilometers in just a few months. No problem, the schedule is full, and the Cupra also seems well suited as a photographer’s vehicle for driving shots. But of course our new 30,000-kilometer test car is not only intended as a means of transport and photographer’s car.

We want to know how the car performs in normal everyday use. How quickly the heated seats heat up your butt in winter, how the four-wheel drive vehicle fares on snow and ice, whether such a five-cylinder turbo really sucks and, and, and…

Cupra Formentor VZ5

Of course, under full load, 20 liters can run through, but in the mix we level off at around ten liters.

And so in November we take over DA-RE 9436, brand new, 1200 kilometers on the clock. The first business trips begin immediately. It’s simply wonderful when you fire up the five early, get the underground car park boiling up when you start cold and then manually kick yourself through the gearbox on the motorway in Cupra mode. Even after a four-hour drive, there is no boredom, not even after a week, not even after a month. With this Cupra you always like to go on tour. The thing looks good and fits a lot in spite of the flat roof.

Formentor only with 55 liter tank

While full throttle initially drives consumption slightly to over 20 liters and criticism of the too small 55-liter tank quickly arises, the thirst of the two and a half liter displacement drops to just over ten liters per 100 kilometers in normal everyday life. Not exactly little, but given the performance on offer and the pace at which the Formentor has mostly been driven so far, the value is okay.
Cupra Formentor VZ5

Perfect, clear and high-quality cockpit. As with VW, the infotainment works a bit too slowly.

Good: The VZ5 prefers to drive with Super Plus, but Super 95 is also possible. In view of the currently extremely high fuel prices, this is a slightly cheaper alternative.

Almost all colleagues have so far praised the excellent front seats and the generous amount of space in the rear for an SUV coupé. We also like the trunk with 420 to 1475 liters of loading volume. With the rear seats folded down, you can also transport bulky items. There is criticism for the operating system, which works too slowly and capriciously. We also had a few aha moments over time with the sports brake system, which works perfectly in the dry.

Cupra Formentor VZ5

Tempo 200 on the highway is a relaxed cruising speed for the VZ5.

In the rain, the electronics are too slow, don’t put the brake pads on the discs often enough, so a film of water forms on the perforated discs again and again. When braking in the wet, you feel like stepping on a stone, but the second step decelerates the Cupra perfectly. Let’s file under High Level Whining.

Audi five-cylinder perfect

drift mode? Functions! We tried that out in our winter test. Engine? The five-cylinder inherited from Audi is a perfect match for the Formentor. Despite its high weight, it moves confidently, the sound is just awesome. For this beat you like to do another lap of honor on the way to the office.
Cupra Formentor VZ5

Audi’s cream engine fits perfectly with the Formentor. Gives goosebumps and pushes properly.

We’ve already covered 15,000 kilometers without getting a single ticket, but with lots of toll stickers on the windshield – and of course a lot of driving pleasure. Let’s hope it stays that way and that the second half also delivers such nice moments for Formentor.

Specifications and price: Cupra Formentor VZ5

• Engine R5, turbo, front transverse
• Displacement 2480cc
• Perfomance 287 kW (390 hp) at 5700-7000 rpm
• Max. Torque 480 Nm at 2250-5700 rpm
• Drive All-wheel drive/seven-speed double clutch
• L/W/H 4450/1839/1528mm
• curb weight 1683kg
• trunk 420-1475L
• 0-100 km/h 4.2s
• Top 250km/h
• Consumption 9.3L SP/100km
• Price from 62,700 euros

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