Cupra Formentor VZ5: test, SUV, crossover, five-cylinder, price

With the original, four fists are enough to really stir up fellow campaigners. Seat subsidiary Cupra trying hard at the new Formentor VZ5 prefer five cylinders. And the Motor loan from Audi truly sets off fireworks. There is not only a lot of power on the ears. The 2.5-liter finally gives the cool crossover those snotty character and exactly the superior extra performance that he has lacked so far. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

With 390 hp and 480 Nm, the Formentor has enough power

The data sheet indicates 390 hp off, so ten less than in the new Audi RS 3, the torque is with 480 Newton meters identical – and of course the engine is the same as in the Audi. The VZ5 needs so 4.2 seconds to 100 km / h, the RS 3 takes 3.8 seconds and the RS Q3 4.5 seconds. Much more important to us, however, is how the Spaniard converts the whole thing in curves, because that’s where driving fun slumbers. And that’s what we were able to find out during the first ride on the Castellolí mountain and valley railway in Catalonia. A real dream route: medium-fast corners, long drawn-out and outward-hanging corners – actually Poison for MQB athletes.

Cupra Formentor VZ5

Good grip: the tendency of the VZ5 to understeer, which weighs almost 1.7 tons, is kept within narrow limits.

The crossover is really fun on the track

However, the new one does well VZ5 more than respectable despite its heavy weight and unfavorable center of gravity. It’s actually a lot of fun. The front axle packs well, that Understeer tendency is pleasingly within limits, only the steering feedback is a little too weak for us. The brake system comes into play Six piston calipers from Japanese supplier Akebono. They pack well and remain stable even when anchored hard. However, we were only able to do two fast laps. Conclusions about the endurance can only be made after a tough test. In Cupra mode and with ESP on “Sport” lets the VZ5 chic power oversteer before the lifeline finally intervenes. “ESP off” actually means completely off. Then, depending on your taste, the exit of the curve can be designed finely in line or with a slight drift.

Cupra Formentor VZ5

With the new drift mode, nice tail swings are possible, but this is an absolute taboo on public roads.

The drift mode is a superfluous extra on the Cupra

Speaking of drift: Also new to the Formentor is the Drift mode. The torque splitter directs up to 100 percent of the power delivered to the rear axle to the outside wheel. This makes it possible to have nice cross-stays, but it costs time on the racetrack, and something like that is taboo on public roads anyway. Therefore: nice to have, but tire-killing and not really useful. Especially since we could only try out the drift mode on a fairly narrow course. To really have fun, you need at least medium-speed turns.

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Inside, the VZ5 pampers you with dark brushed aluminum, chic copper details and perfectly supportive sports seats with integrated headrests. The only criticism is the badly reacting touchscreen, otherwise it is open 7000 pieces limited VZ5 a real experience. Four fists can’t keep up with that either. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data Cupra Formentor VZ5 • Engine: R5, turbo, transverse front • Displacement: 2480 cm³ • Power: 287 kW (390 PS) at 5700-7000 / min • Maximum torque: 480 Nm at 2250-5700 / min • Drive: all-wheel drive, seven-speed DCT • Length / width / height: 4450/1839/1528 mm • trunk: 420-1475 l • 0-100 km / h: 4.2 s • Vmax: 250 km / h • price 61,650 euros.

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