Curious: Dog can play Minecraft and kill opponents

A TikToker tried to teach his dog to play Minecraft using a converted keyboard.

The block game “Minecraft” is a real phenomenon. With reconstructed computer circuits, gigantic buildings or unusual mods, the title still offers new surprises eleven years after its publication. A TikTok user named Finance Friendly (Liam Thompson) has even tried to get his dog interested in the open-world game.

Rebuilt keyboard

However, due to the dog’s large paws, control via a conventional keyboard or mouse was unthinkable. For this reason, the TikToker first removed the keycaps of its keyboard. Only the A and # keys remained on the keyboard. A piece of painted cardboard was then glued to both keys. The keyboard still recognizes the keystrokes, since the removed caps of the other keys leave enough space for them.

Max controls with just two buttons

By reassigning the forward button in “Minecraft” to the A button and replacing the left mouse button with the # button, running movements and attacks can also be implemented with the dog’s big paws. In addition, treats should encourage the dog named Max to get involved in the experiment.

Video shows successes

In fact, Max could be trained to move forward on command and even kill enemies. Although the dog is still a long way from a real “Minecraft” player, it is still impressive how much the dog gets involved in the unusual goings-on on the screen. In a video, the dog owner explains how he was able to achieve this feat. Anyone who would like to challenge their own four-legged friend accordingly can do so with little effort.

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