Curious: Youtuber buys a surprise PC for 1 euro

A German Youtuber bought a surprise PC for the purchase price of one euro.

A current computer is not only a very expensive purchase due to the chip crisis. The attempt by a German YouTuber to buy a computer for just one euro on the Internet seems all the more interesting. The computer bought by “kepuexe” on Ebay was only described there as “Computer Mark PC 586 with CD Rom Floppy Hard Drive VGA Card Antique Classic”.

166MHz Intel Pentium

When I got home, the computer turned out to be a real retro box: A BIOS from Award appeared as soon as I switched it on. The mainboard GA-586TX3 Rev 1.08 from Gigabyte was installed in the case. An Intel Pentium MMX with 166 MHz worked on this in turn. This CPU dates from 1997, so the entire computer should be almost 25 years old.

Graphics card with 2 MB video memory

Even a graphics card was installed in the 1 euro computer. This is the Elsa Winner 1000 with S3 graphics chip. This graphics card can fall back on an “amazing” 2 MB of video memory. The main memory of the ancient PC is also tiny by today’s standards at 32 MB EDO RAM. In addition, two CD drives are installed in the case, one of which is a burner. An Aztech sound card provides stereo sound for gaming, and there’s even a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive for older games. The built-in hard drive from Maxtor holds a relatively generous four gigabytes. With the entire configuration, smooth gaming is possible in resolutions below 640×480 pixels. If you want to take a closer look at the computer with Windows 98, you should definitely pay a visit to the YouTube channel.

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