Curry & Van Inkel Veronica’s most iconic program

The Friday evening program of Adam Curry and Jeroen van Inkel was broadcast on Radio Veronica from 1984 to 1987. The program was inspired by the way American radio stations created programs in the 1980s. The topics, brutality and openness were also new on Dutch radio and an example for programs that followed. With their show, the two young DJs from Amsterdam changed the Dutch radio landscape for good. A popular item in the program was Ben Liebrand’s Minimix.

Jeroen van Inkel received the corresponding award during a special broadcast on Radio Veronica. He called the prize unique and heartwarming. An award is also available for Adam Curry. Because he lives and works in America, he will receive it.

In the top ten of legendary programs were next Curry & Van Inkel also shows like Countdown Café and Will Want Well.


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