Customs caught man with 160 Intel CPUs on his body

Chinese customs caught a man carrying 160 CPUs and folding cell phones on his body when entering the country.

Chinese customs reports a strange incident on social media. Accordingly, a Chinese in the area of ​​​​Gongbei Port was recently noticed in recordings from surveillance cameras because he had moved strangely. The man then wanted to enter the country via the green channel, so he pretended not to be carrying any goods that had to be declared at customs. He was then stopped and searched. The customs officers found that the man

a total of 160 Intel CPUs


16 foldable smartphones

taped to the body. Namely on the calves, on his waist and around his stomach. Chinese customs documented the whole thing here on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Chinese customs recently confiscated a large number of XFX Radeon RX graphics cards that a smuggler wanted to bring into the country illegally. This is currently reported by our US sister publication PCWorld. This involved more than 5,800 graphics cards worth over 2.7 million euros.

In the new case, the man tried to smuggle 11th and 12th generation Intel CPUs into the country, avoiding high import taxes.

In the notice, China Customs pointed out that individuals are only allowed to bring goods into the country for their own use and in reasonable quantities, and should also comply with the laws on import regulations. “Anyone who evades customs supervision by personally hiding or storing items, which is considered smuggling, will be held accountable by customs according to the law,” the Chinese customs statement said.

Hardware site Videocardz also has an explanation as to why the Chinese presumably wanted to smuggle Intel CPUs into the country and not AMD CPUs. According to the report, AMD AM4 CPUs don’t stick as well to a human body because they only have pins instead of LGA pads. However, this should change with the new LGA AM5 socket, which will be launched later in the year.

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