Cyber ​​Monday | Car import stagnates | Vestia Process

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Have we finished shopping yet? Anyone who thought they would be ready after Black Friday: forget it. Because today is Cyber ​​Monday, another American bargain festival that has reached the European mainland and to which the necessary Dutch web shops are also cleverly tapping into.

Where are those chips? We are importing less and less cars, mainly because of the global chip shortage. Where the Dutch car industry returned to the level it was before the corona crisis last quarter, there are now mainly concerns about chips, not to mention the historic staff shortage.

Vestia trial in The Hague. And no, we’re not talking about that derivatives scandal or that grabbing ex-top executive. This new, large business revolves around awarding contracts for cleaning and DIY companies from the region in exchange for bribes. Two former employees played a key role.

Airport is getting a facelift. No trips from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to London or Barcelona for a week this week. A major overhaul is badly needed: fresh asphalt, LED lighting, wider taxiway, you name it.

About the nuclear deal with Iran. After months of icy silence, world leaders – now without the US – are back at the negotiating table against Iran in Vienna. The target? You (Iran) suspend your nuclear program, then we ease the economic sanctions.

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This piece was the most shared this weekend:
Do you have children who cannot go to school because a classmate has tested positive? In many companies this is not such a problem for the parents. They are given the space to ensure that their home situation is properly arranged and companies can also take care of that.

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If you are still looking for a nice apartment in Tokyo, this is your chance: for 99 yen (less than 1 euro) per month you can rent one from Ikea. One drawback: it is very small.

And you may have missed this:
Savers at ING with a balance of up to 100,000 euros will receive no interest at all on their savings account from next year. The largest bank in the Netherlands is forced to lower the savings rate for this group from 0.01 to 0.00 percent.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

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PS The government is hardly interested in real subversive crime, where millions of euros are looted. The war against subversion is waged only against its own citizens, using mass surveillance as a weapon. writes Zahra Boufadiss in her column.

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