Cybertruck in front of Tesla boss’ TV show in New York – and competitor Lucid books advertising space

For a few days, New York not only has one Tesla attraction richer, but two. In the middle of the week, CEO Elon Musk first came to prepare for his appearance as guest presenter of the comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Then he also announced on Twitter that he would bring the Cybertruck to the US metropolis, which shortly afterwards was actually seen in a Tesla branch and on the streets. The competitor Lucid, who wants to build a luxury electric car with an enormous range under the direction of Tesla’s former chief developer, has meanwhile made it clear that he intends to use Musk’s TV appearance for himself.

New York in Tesla fever

Since the launch of the Cybertruck at the end of 2019, the steel pickup has been seen on public roads several times, always with CEO Musk himself at the wheel. He recently visited the construction site for the Gigafactory in Texas, where the Tesla pickup is to be built, with the prototype. Many scenes have now been shared on Twitter in which the Cybertruck, accompanied by a white Model 3 and admired by the curious, drives through New York.

In a way, the city is in Tesla and Musk fever – and that the TV appearance of Musk with the musician Miley Cyrus could be quite funny, as a few pre-recorded scenes showed. However, one of the commercial breaks in the show could cause outrage among fans who are very loyal to the brand: surprisingly, the electric car manufacturer Lucid announced on Friday that its luxury car Air will also play a role in the SNL evening. Obviously, the company booked one of the advertising spaces during the broadcast.


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This could be understood as a provocation against Tesla and Musk. The CEO claimed again this week that Lucid boss Peter Rawlinson was never really his chief technology officer, although old Tesla publications confirm that. So the relationship between the two does not seem to be unaffected. Rawlinson describes his Air, which is set to set new range records with more than 500 miles ahead of the Model S Plaid +, as competition not for Tesla, but for manufacturers of conventional luxury cars such as Mercedes. But when the basic version could be ordered at a price below the Model S Long Range, the Tesla boss described it as a “gauntlet” and, in turn, lowered the price.

Cybertruck in the TV studio?

In this respect, it will be exciting to see what Lucid came up with for one of the commercial breaks during the big Musk appearance – and whether and how the Tesla boss then reacts to it. Apart from that, the show by Musk and the no less unconventional musician Cyrus should also have some other highlights in store. Maybe Musk will even be able to get the Cybertruck into the TV studio. In any case, he only wrote his announcement that the Tesla pickup could be seen in New York after Lucid announced his appearance with the Air during SNL would have.


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