Cybex Cloud Z i-Size: Test

the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size is a baby seat and can be used from the birth of the child be used. The seat is approved according to the i-size standard. This means that the period of use is no longer based solely on the child’s weight, but primarily on the height of the child. Accordingly, the baby seat can be used from a height of 45 centimeters to a maximum of 87 centimeters or a body weight of 13 kilos, which corresponds to an age of 16 months. The seat is mounted using the Cybex Base Zthat is installed in the car with Isofix locking arms and support feet. Practical: the base can continue to be used for the next Sirona Z i-Size seat. Alternatively, the baby seat can be attached to the vehicle’s three-point belt. The Cybex Cloud Z i-Size baby seat costs around 270 euros – a proud price, but for which you get some additional functions. If you want to buy the base, you have to plan an additional 240 euros (as of December 2021).

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size child seat

Cloud Z i-Size
  • Easy installation
  • intuitive operation
  • Ergonomic position
  • Great comfort

price € 270.00

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size (baby seat) in the test


There are many easy-to-understand and clearly recognizable safety instructions on the seat and base for the correct installation of the seat. The detent indicators for mounting the base in the car and for attaching the seat are also clearly visible and easy to recognize. the Installation can be done almost intuitively, otherwise the detailed operating instructions are always to hand in the compartment under the baby seat. If you want to attach the baby seat with the vehicle belt as an alternative, you should definitely take a look inside. Even if the guide for the vehicle belt is clearly visible on the seat, errors can be avoided here.

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

In the test, the Cybex baby seat achieved the grade “very good”.

The The child is secured in the baby seat with a three-point belt – You should actually expect a five-point belt in this price range. But at least the belt system is easily adjustable, so that no great effort is required here, as is the case with many other child seats. The belt runs well on the child’s body and does not cut anywhere. As an additional security feature, the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size offers a integrated, additional side impact protectionthat can easily be unfolded. Additional attachments, as is the case with many other seats, are not required here.

Dimensions, installation and operation

Since the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size is a baby seat, it is always installed backwards. In combination with the base, installation in the car is absolutely intuitive. The potential for incorrect operation is almost zero. Practical: The Isofix arms can be extended individually, which makes installation easier. the Installation with a seat belt is a bit fiddly, but also works faster and faster after several times. The baby seat itself is also easy to use: The The headrest is infinitely adjustableto adjust the seat to the child’s growth. You should always make sure that it is a maximum of two fingers wide over the child’s shoulder, the belt should lie directly on the shoulder, not over it. The adjustment mechanism is smooth so that the headrest can also be adjusted with one hand.

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

Little Marlo from the AUTO BILD test family still likes his baby seat at 15 months.

Putting the child in the baby seat is very easy, even with the seat mounted on the base, because the The base has a rotating mechanism. This allows the shell to be turned 90 degrees towards the door so that the child can be positioned frontally in the seat and then turned backwards in the baby seat – a real gain, especially for smaller cars. The three-point belt is easy to move and can be lashed quickly and without great effort. The only drawback: The Baby seat barely cracks the five kilo mark – This makes it a little heavier than the average seat, which usually weighs one to two kilos less.

Comfort and ergonomics

When it comes to comfort, the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size has a lot to offer. Particularly positive is to be emphasized ergonomically particularly favorable lying position of the child: The baby seat is very flat, so that the child can lie almost straight in the baby seat. A soft insert is supplied for newborns, the use of which is even mandatory up to a height of 60 centimeters (approx. Three months). It also favors a lying position that is as flat and back-friendly as possible. There are also recesses in the back, and a breathable, robust cover with it the seat is well ventilated and the baby does not sweat. The cover is relatively robust and can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Removing and reattaching, however, is like a game of patience. Great: The Cybex Cloud Z i-Size has a large sun protection that can be pulled down deep. As a result, the baby is ideally protected from direct sunlight.

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

The particularly flat reclining position is easy on the back of the baby.

Conclusion on the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

The small drawbacks such as the comparatively high weight of the shell or the difficult removal of the covers are easy to forgive when looking at the high functionality. The baby seat is a real asset in everyday life. And thanks to the ergonomically favorable lying position, parents don’t have to have a guilty conscience if the child lies in the baby seat a few minutes longer than is absolutely necessary. The price has washed up, but if you travel a lot in the car with your child, you can at least think about the investment. Test grade: very good

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