“Cynical” ÖVP: turquoise and green in the Vienna Wahl-Strudel

At the first elephant round on Wednesday on ORF, the green vice mayor shot herself Birgit Hebein on Blümel: She accused the turquoise minister of “thrashing phrases” in relation to the minimum income and reprimanded him for refusing to accept at least 100 refugee children from the burning Moria in Austria.

Gewessler against Blümel

At the beginning of the week, the Greens attacked Blümel. Minister of Infrastructure Leonore Gewessler accused the finance minister of relying on unsuitable means in the fight against plastic waste.

When it comes to garbage, the ÖVP does not allow its coalition partner to get involved in a conflict, but for its part it throws the refugee issue into the election arena. From Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg downwards, some hefty words (“The shouting about the distribution of refugees”) courted FPÖ voters.

Green under pressure

With the tight right-wing course on the refugee issue, the ÖVP is putting the Greens under pressure. Because these are in direct competition in Vienna with the SPÖ and Neos, both of which are committed to rescuing children from the burned down Moria camp. The Greens, in principle also for the acceptance of refugees, are bound to their federal coalition partner. “We are constantly in talks with the ÖVP and will continue to build up the pressure,” hurried the Greens’ foreign policy spokeswoman. Ewa Ernst-Dziedzicto assert.

Attack on “cynical” ÖVP

In the Zib2 on Thursday, the club boss put Sigrid Maurer and said that such “cynical” statements were “not worthy” of a foreign minister and that she was “shocked” by them. Like Hebein, Maurer also criticized the Finance Minister’s appearance and called Blümel “hardly indistinguishable from the FPÖ”.

Party leader Werner Kogler himself moved in default and demanded “more humanity, less cynicism” from the ÖVP.

The Bishops’ Conference and Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen also put pressure to take in children from Moria. And also Vienna’s mayor Michael LudwigEmbarrassed in the election campaign to avoid any polarization, takes a position on the refugee issue: He is in favor of the “temporary” admission of children.

High federal election level

Federal politics will also play an important role in the interpretation of the Vienna election results on October 11th. If the Viennese Greens are well behind the 21 percent that Federal Party leader Werner Kogler achieved in the 2019 National Council election in Vienna, a course debate is likely to start: Is the coalition with the ÖVP in the federal government to blame? Or is it rather Hebein’s pointedly left-green regular voter course that is slowing growth in Vienna?

Greens break down

In any case, the fact is that the Greens have been reducing rather than increasing in the Vienna polls since March. While they were 18 to 19 percent in March, they have fallen to 15 to 16 percent in recent surveys. From now on, the green federal team will be involved in the Vienna election campaign, with Kogler and the health minister at the start of the election on Saturday Rudolf Anschober on the speaker list.

SPÖ hides Rendi-Wagner

In contrast to turquoise and green, the SPÖ hides its federal party. Pamela Rendi-Wagner was present at the start of the election, but she was not allowed to speak.


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