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D66 wants space for the catering industry to experiment with corona rules

Whether it is allowed or not, the catering industry will open again in mid-January. In several cities across the country, cases have decided that they are done with the corona measures, they can no longer stand it. Government party D66 also sees something in this: they want some catering establishments to be given space to experiment with opening under strict conditions.

“The thoughts on these testing grounds date back to this autumn, but too little has been done with them. While even the RIVM and OMT say we can start with it. Yet that does not happen. That frustrates me ”, D66 party leader Rob Jetten told it AD.

Next Tuesday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge will give another press conference about the corona measures. According to Jetten, the chances are small that the cabinet will then decide that restaurants and pubs can open their doors in two weeks. The D66 foreman wants to offer more perspective for catering entrepreneurs. “We should no longer stick to the all-or-nothing strategy. It can and must be smarter. ”

In Jettens’ view, smarter means that some catering establishments should be given the space to experiment with opening under strict conditions. People must book in advance, are escorted to their table in a well-ventilated area, and are all corona tested before or after.

More support from the government

Jetten also thinks that the cultural sector and the catering industry deserve more support from the cabinet and wants the planned austerity of the support package to be dropped.

“We must avoid taking the IV out too soon. Even if a restaurant is allowed to open, shopping will have to be done first. Money is needed for that. Look, the potato farmers got 100 percent off their losses during the first wave this spring. But the catering and cultural sector made the biggest sacrifice: they had to close twice. And so we must help them, first of all by not cutting back and granting longer tax deferments. And if the catering industry has to close longer, we will have to add more. ”

Yesterday, catering companies in 50 cities and regions in the country announced that they will reopen on January 17, even if that is not allowed. The entrepreneurs are giving up their confidence in the cabinet. They are about to fall and government support is not forthcoming. Hospitality entrepreneurs cannot help but disobey.

Catering companies in Breda, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Leiden, Leeuwarden, Arnhem, Nijmegen and Alkmaar have joined the campaign. The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are not participating.

Voted against motion

On Twitter, some people point out that the statements of D66 now, are in stark contrast to the vote on a motion by the PVV. In October, that party submitted a motion to at least keep the restaurants open. “The chamber requests the cabinet not to proceed to a complete closure of the catering industry, but in any case to keep the restaurants open,” is stated in the motion.

The results of the vote can be seen alongside: D66 voted against. Only the PVV itself, FVD, Van Haga and Krol voted in favor. This is why many people now accuse D66 of being populist.

Catering industry supported by the population

In any case, the catering industry receives support from a large number of the population. According to a poll by Heart of the Netherlands 64 percent of the approximately 4,000 respondents think it is a good idea if pub and restaurant owners start again on their own initiative.

But almost a quarter of the people, 24 percent, are also unhappy about the campaign. They believe that the catering industry should simply adhere to the measures.

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D66 wants room for the catering industry to experiment with corona rules


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