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Daan (7) gets a real jungle room: ‘Great!’

Because of his brain damage, Daan needs special care. “We are looking for a bed with doors that we can close from above, because Daan sometimes gets out of bed at night,” says his mother.

Patrick knows exactly what to do and immediately gets to work: sawing, screwing, building and creating a whopper of a bed. A large bed, with a niche and a closet in it. In addition, Daan’s bedroom will be given a jungle theme.

Create jungle atmosphere

When the bed is up, it’s time for Denise to give the room a jungle atmosphere. She has selected a suitable wallpaper and brought a papier-mâché monkey, which she uses to make a lamp. She also has a rope with her. “Patrick, you can probably do something nice with this.”

Making the monkey light is very easy. Denise first sprays the monkey black and then she attaches a fitting to the monkey with a rope. Do you want to do this yourself at home? Please note that the monkey (or another animal) must be able to hang or stand on its own.


While Denise is busy decorating Daan’s room, Patrick builds a step at the front of the bed so that Daan can easily climb into his bed. The staircase will be half a meter wide and Patrick chooses 18 mm poplar plywood as the material.

Next to the stairs, Patrick makes a number of boxes on wheels that fit under the bed. Daan can store his belongings here. The boxes have wheels made of rubber material, so that you do not hear any noise when you open the boxes. The wheels can carry about 30 kilos, which means that each box can handle 120 kilos. So there is room for a lot of toys!


The wallpaper Denise chose is a large drawing of a jungle that fills the entire wall. With such a type of wallpaper it is important that it is applied very precisely. To make sure you reach all corners, it is best to start pasting in the middle.

The strips of this wallpaper slide against each other, so that some glue can come out from underneath. As soon as you see this, remove this glue immediately to prevent it from staining. Just cover it with a cloth and you’re done!

Animal buds

Wanting to bring the animal theme to the whole room, Denise makes doorknobs out of small animals. She does this by drilling a hole in the animal. Then she drills a hole in the door and then turns a bolt with two nuts, and then attach the animal to it.

Climbing rope

Then only the climbing rope remains, for which Patrick makes a swing beam. He makes a beam that attaches to the bed on one side and the beam against the wall in an ‘A-shape’ on the other side. “This shape is super strong: you can move back and forth and push, but it really doesn’t fall over,” says Patrick.

Patrick works with large screws to put everything together securely. A vintage gym mat will hang under the rope, so that Daan can climb and clamber safely. Denise completes the picture with a vintage gymnastics sofa: such a sofa cannot be broken.

The result

When the last adjustments have been made, it is time to bring in Daan’s parents. They are pleasantly surprised. “How cool, really beautiful. We could never have imagined this ourselves”. Daan also loves it. “Great and cool. Thank you all!”


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