Daft Punk is calling it quits after more than 28 years

The guys from Daft Punk each go their own way. The legendary dance duo announced this with a video on YouTube. The reason for the split is currently unknown.

Daft Punk is no more. Thomas Bangalter (46) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (47) have released a video on the world, showing that they stop making music together after more than 28 years. The video was given the telling title Epilogue, in other words Epilogue.


In the video we don’t really get to see the guys from Daft Punk. They hide their faces – as always – behind large robotic masks. The two icons walk through the desert. One of them takes off his leather jacket and reveals a strange device on his back.

The other Daft Punker pushes a button, and a countdown clock starts. Then the man with the clock walks away from his companion. Once the clock reaches 0, the carrier explodes. A few seconds later we hear the song Touch on the background. Then the logo of Daft Punk appears with underneath “1993-2021”.

Daft Punk

Bangalter and de Homem-Christo had known each other for about ten years before they started making music together. The Parisians first did this under the name Darlin ‘. That music was not really popular. In fact, it was described with the words “a daft punky thrash“, Loosely translated“ insane punk waste ”.

That they took the criticism constructively (or just wanted to give the person who gave it a big middle finger) is evident from the new name of the band. And of course the worldwide success that Daft Punk has achieved with monster hits like Around the World, One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. In addition, the duo often collaborated with other musicians, such as The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams.


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