Daimler could go all-electric sooner than expected

Daimler could decide to abandon the heat engine earlier than expected. The German group is currently planning to go all-electric in 2039. But Markus Schäfer, member of the board of directors, suggests a different schedule.

The Daimler group, which owns Mercedes in particular, has drawn up a transition plan to electric. This plans for the moment a complete abandonment of the thermal engine in 2039. But Markus Schäfer, executive director of the board of directors of the group, seems to think otherwise.

According to him, the transition from thermal to electric, including hybrid in particular, could accelerate. Thus, he is considering a switch to 100% electric faster than what had been planned, without giving a date.

“In all cases, we are preparing for an early transition”, he told Handelsblatt. “In terms of products, there is no longer any rational reason to opt for a heat engine in the near future. “

The European Commission should present a first draft this year of the new Euro 7 standard. According to what these directives include, Schäfer considers that we could be at the gates of this energy transition.

“Depending on the rules you ultimately apply, the outlook for combustion engine vehicles can change dramatically. We could go as far as a scenario making it impossible to register a thermal vehicle after 2025. “


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