Daimler employees receive an unexpected 500 euro bonus

CEO Ola Källenius at the 2020 annual press conference

CEO Ola Källenius at the 2020 annual press conference

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The employees at Daimler did not expect this. After a corona bonus of EUR 1000 that had already been paid out in December, all employees now receive an additional bonus of EUR 500 from their employer, reported the FAZ. At the end of last week, the employees received the information by email. It came as a surprise – last year it was initially agreed that the employees would forego the profit-sharing scheme for the 2020 calendar year.

Ola Källenius, the CEO of Daimler, reported at the annual press conference last week that the sales figures for 2020 were higher than assumed due to the pandemic. The car manufacturer was able to record a significant increase in dividends for shareholders and profits of billions in the past year. As a “thank you for your commitment in this special year”, as he announced, the 500 euro bonus is now to be paid out to all employees at the end of April. “Since the success is also based on your intensive commitment in these unusual times, the company management has agreed with the general works council on the payment of a profit-sharing bonus for the year 2020”, it says in the mail.

In addition to the bonus, Daimler’s agreed savings in working hours will also be canceled at the end of March. Last summer it was initially agreed that working hours and thus also incomes would be cut by two hours a week, i.e. around six percent of income. This affected the employees in administration as well as those in the production area. Originally, this regulation should apply until the end of September 2021. Now it has been shortened to March, according to the mail. The Daimler CEO justified the savings with the fact that “the transformation should be financially secure and successfully mastered.” Costs should be saved and employment should be secured. The unexpectedly positive figures from last year allow this savings strategy to be relaxed. That should please the employees of the group.



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