Daimler’s Tesla Model X with sliding doors: electric van EQV 300 can now be ordered

Recently, a young designer showed what a Tesla Model X could look like, which has been slightly lengthened and converted into an electric van with plenty of space with a sliding door and a more angular rear. A similar electric car from Mercedes is now available to buy ex works: The company has announced the start of ordering for the announced EQV, which is due to go into production this summer. At a base price far below that of the Tesla, it offers approximately the same battery capacity (but less range and no supercharger network), fast CCS charging and plenty of space and flexibility in the interior.

Range well below Tesla

Initially, according to a Daimler press release, only the Mercedes EQV 300 variant with a longer body of 5.37 meters is available. As a base price for this, Mercedes specifies almost 72,000 euros. Actually, it should be possible to order the electric car in van format with immediate effect, but the online configurator was still unsuccessful on Tuesday, just like a price list. In this respect, it cannot be said for the time being how the equipment turns out at no extra charge and which extras cost how much. Common to German premium manufacturers, however, unlike Tesla, there are plenty of options at high prices.

Like the EQC as the first Mercedes with a large battery and fast CCS charger, the EQV is not yet based on a pure electric car platform, but on a combustion model, in this case the V-Class. 100 kilowatt hours of batteries were stored in their underbody (90 kWh can be used), which is why the EQV is two centimeters higher. Mercedes specifies the range at 418 kilometers – but still according to the old NEDC standard, WLTP should be at least 10 percent less. This is where shape and weight (which Mercedes does not name) and the combustion engine base have a negative impact: Tesla names a German WLTP range of 507 kilometers for the Model X with a usable battery capacity that is estimated at around 94 kilowatt hours .

More places than in Tesla Model X

Mercedes does not give acceleration values ​​for the EQV with its pure front-wheel drive with 204 HP peak performance, but they should not be in Tesla terrain. The top speed was limited to 140 km / h and can optionally be increased to 160 km / h.

The Mercedes can score in the room: the angular and high body means that the floor space is used almost to the maximum. In addition, even the shorter EQV, which is not yet available at 5.14 meters, is said to be slightly longer than the Tesla Model X. According to Mercedes, six individual seats can therefore be ordered for the electric van to make it a “representative shuttle -Vehicle “, but also seven or eight seats are possible. Large sliding doors make access to the back easier than with the wing doors in the Tesla.

According to Mercedes, the basic price of the EQV 300 includes four years of maintenance and a battery guarantee for 160,000 kilometers or eight years. In addition, there are three years of free remote and navigation services and one year of membership in the charging service me Charge and the CCS network Ionity, which the German auto companies are building in a joint venture.


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